Phone Cards

If You have difficulties using a phone card - Common Solutions

• Whom should I contact?

- For all issues regarding connection, quality, phone calls charges/fees, calls history - please contact phone card's Customer Service, the number is provided in the same email with card’s PIN and Dialing Instructions. When calling Customer Service, please be ready to provide your PIN and access number. If they cannot resolve the difficulties please contact us.
- For all questions regarding selecting a phone card, confirming rates, registration, placing an order, payment online, receiving PIN, managing "My account" - please contact us online filling out the Contact form or call us during our business hours.

• Total number of minutes is less than you expected.

Possible reasons:
- You are calling a cellular phone, but only landline phone rates were checked; cellular phone rates are usually much higher that landline phone rates. If You would like to know the cell phone rate that is not listed, please contact us and we will provide the rate information or the phone number where You can find out this information.
- You are calling using Toll Free Access number, which may be more expensive than using Local Access number.
- Rates update by the phone card company.
- The number you dialed is recognized as another region (for example, suburb of London may not be recognized as London city, which enjoys much cheaper rate), or a cellular phone (some area codes may be mistakenly recognized as cell phones).

If the new rate is too high for you, please stop calling and contact card’s Customer Service about it. If you continue the phone call, it will be considered that you accept the new rate. There is not much what can be done if your card has been used this way.

• Inaccurate charging or missing minutes.

Possible reasons:
- If the phone card has multiple minutes rounding, the minutes balance will be deducted by rounding intervals.
- If tax is applied for that particular phone card, your cards balance will be reduced for charge of a phone call plus tax as a percentage of phone call charge.
- System error by the phone card company.

If You think your phone call was overcharged, please contact card’s Customer Service.

• Can’t get connected.

- Due to international line capacity and system overloading during holidays or weekend hours some phone calls may have difficulties to connect.

Please try to call again in 15 minutes or at a different time. If there is still no connection established, contact card’s Customer Service.

• Lost minutes, but no connection was established.

- This could happen if the phone rings more then 4 times, that is equivalent to 30 seconds without a connection. Carrier will consider this call as a connection and will deduct minutes taking into consideration rounding.

• Didn't get a good connection.

- This happens very rarely. If this happens repeatedly please try to place a call at another time, or contact the Customer Service of the card. The phone card may have difficulties for the specific region you call. If this is the case, please stop using the same card for that destination.

• Access number is not available.

- Make sure the number You are dialing is correct.
- Make sure the phone card can be used from the region where You are located.
- The phone card provider may be doing a system upgrade, or experiencing temporary technical difficulties.

• Could not hear your party clearly.

- Please hang up and try to call again. If you have lost minutes, please call card’s Customer Service number. They will check your calls history records and make appropriate actions.

• Receive message that PIN is invalid.

- Make sure that You are dialing the PIN number that was received for your last purchase.
- Make sure You dial the access number provided in the letter together with PIN.
- Check if your card’s balance is enough for 1-minute phone call to that destination.
- Try again in 5 minutes.

If You still receive the message regarding invalid PIN, please call card’s Customer Service number. If you are having difficulties contacting them, please contact us and we will try to contact the carrier on your behalf to resolve the problem.

• Registered phone cannot be recognized by system.

- Check the number. If the number is not valid, You will be asked to enter card’s PIN. - If there was a typo, entering your phone number, please see how to change registered phone number.
- Contact card’s Customer Service.

• Paid for Permanent PIN or made a refill, but the balance is '0'.

- Someone used the same PIN before (for "Jupiter").
- You try to make a phone call using somebody’s else registered phone. If You and your family, or friends still want to use more than one refillable phone card (with the same name and different PINs) calling from the same phone, this phone number shouldn't be registered with any of these cards.


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