Phone Cards

Managing "My Account" & Savings

• Information regarding registration and purchases of phone cards on our website is shown in "My Account".

• "Purchase Report(s)"

- For most of our Verified Customers all information regarding previous purchases can be found in "My Accoint" - "Purchase Report(s)", including:
* Invoice number;
* Transaction date and amount;
* Transaction status.
– Clicking on any listed "Accepted" invoice number and choosing "Letter size" or "Wallet size" You will be able to see the PIN and Dialing Instructions for that particular purchase.<

• "My Permanent PIN(s)"

– List of purchased refillable cards and their PIN(s) along with refill opportunities are provided here.
– By clicking on "Balance / Reports / Add PIN Free Numbers" You can use the following options:
* See your refillable card current balance;
* Refill your card and see previous refills report;
* Add/remove registered phone numbers;
* Change password if You have "Jupiter" phone card.
– See card’s Dialing Instructions and Access numbers by pressing "Instructions".

• "Savings Account"

– All purchases exceeding $15 save You additional 4% to 7% of the invoice amount.
– All transactions that contributed credit to your "Savings Account" are listed here.
– If your "Savings Account" has $10 balance or more, You can use this money to get a complimentary card directly from your "Savings Account" or by choosing "Alternative payment methods" option on Credit/Debit Card Entry page.

• "My Profile"

– All registration information including password, email address can be modified here.


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