Phone Cards

Placing a call and TIPs on using pre paid phone cards

• How do I place a call?

- To make a phone call You dial Toll Free or Local Access Number , enter card's PIN number after a prompt, and then dial the destination number (beginning with ‘011’ for international calls and ‘1’ for domestic calls).
Note: You don't have to dial PIN number using refillable pre paid phone cards, when calling from registered phone!

• How do I know if a card has Local Access numbers?

- You can see this information online, please check card's details.
- Check the instructions that You received with card’s PIN number, they always have full information regarding card's Access numbers.
Please double-check the Local Access number with your Local telephone service provider. Make sure that calling particular Local Access number will be considered as a local phone call for You; if not, the charge may apply from your Local telephone company as for a long distance call.

• Is there any difference between calling from a cell phone or landline phone?

- No. There is no any difference if You are calling from a cell phone or landline phone.

• Can I call cellular phone using a phone card?

- Yes. Please note, cell phone rates are usually much higher than landline phone rates.
- If your cell phone has a Long Distance plan, You can use any Local Access number for that particular phone card and enjoy better rate.

• Calling from a payphone.

- If you place a call from a payphone surcharges will apply. See card's details for more information.
Note: Sometimes the card’s balance is not enough to make a phone call using a payphone, but it’s enough to make a phone call using landline phone or cell phone.

• Calling from Alaska, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada.

- Please select an appropriate country from drop-down bar "From ", and see details for a phone card to find an Access Number you need.
If You need assistance please contact us.

• Use speed dialing to save your time and simplify the dialing process:

A. Program the access number into your speed dial key #1.
B. Program your PIN# into your speed dial key #2.
C. Program the number you wish to call into your speed dial key #3.
D. Dial speed key #1, wait for a prompt to enter PIN, dial speed key #2, wait for prompt to enter destination number, then dial speed key #3.
Don’t forget to update this information buying new or other phone cards.


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