Phone Cards

Receiving PIN and Dialing instructions

• How do I get my prepaid phone card?

- You receive an email from us, which contains PIN number, Toll Free Access number and Dialing Instructions - all that You need to make a phone call. The phone card doesn't have physical form, they are virtual, and email is the only way of delivery.
- Most of our Verified customers also receive PIN(s) and all instructions instantly to the screen.

• How long does it take to receive PIN and Dialing Instructions since an order was approved?

- First Time Buyers and Unverified Customers may receive Request Letter for Verification and may be asked to contact Customer Service. It takes a couple minutes to receive your PIN and Dialing Instructions upon contacting our customer service representative.
- Most of our Verified Customers receive PIN(s) and Dialing Instructions instantly on the screen and a copy to email box.

• What to do if I didn't receive my PIN in 15 minutes?

- Please check the email address and make sure you didn’t make any typo entering it.
- There is some problem with your mail server. Please fill out our Contact form asking to resend your card's information or by phone.
- Most of our Verified Customers may go to "Home" -> "My Account" -> "Purchase Report(s)". Choose the right invoice number and click on it for details.

• Lost my PIN and Access number, where can I find this information?

- All our customers may find an email with PIN and Dialing Instructions in their email box.
- Most of our Verified Customers can find this information if they go to "Home" -> "My Account" -> "Purchase Report" and click on particular invoice number for details. If you still have difficulties, please contact us.


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