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• Why do I have to register or create an account?

- To register on the website You provide your email address, which is the main way of communication between our customers and us; You receive all information regarding the card via your email.

• How do I register or create an account?

- If You are a First Time Buyer, after You'll select a prepaid phone card, You'll be prompted to enter your information and your account will be created.

• What if I submitted my registration information, but didn’t receive any confirmation from You?

- Please make sure You don't make any typo in your email address. If You are a new customer and didn't receive any emails from us, please contact us ASAP to see whether that's the case. Please double-check the email before You continue, because this may delay the PIN delivery for your order.

• How many accounts can I create?

- You can create as many accounts as You want, each with different email address.
The best way to keep Purchase Report definite is to have just one account in our system.
Advantages of having just one account:
* It is easy to remember your Login information;
* You will be verified just once as a new user;
* Your credit amount will be applied to a single Savings Account to get a complimentary card sooner;
* Due to account purchase volume You will be receiving discounts periodically;

• What if I forgot my password?

- Go to "My Account" -> Forgot password. Enter an e-mail address You registered with, and You will receive your password to specified e-mail.

• I want to change my email, what shall I do (for existing customers)?

- Please update your email address by going to "My Account" -> "My Profile".
Before You change an e-mail address make sure that new e-mail hasn't been entered in our system earlier.
- If You have any difficulties or questions, please contact us for assistance.

• What if I want to change my registration information or my profile?

- Please go to "My Account" -> "My Profile" and change any information You need.


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