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Verification Process

• Why must we verify an order?/What does verification process mean?

- Verifying your order is our way of ensuring customer protection against credit card fraud.
- After placing an order online most of our first time buyers receive a letter from us asking to contact Customer Service to finish their verification process; customer service representatives will also try to contact You. To complete your verification process our highly-trained customer service representatives inspect and verify all new orders to guarantee your online security.

• How long time does it take to complete the process of verification?

- A couple minutes, upon contacting our customer service representative.

•What benefits do You get as our Verified customer?

- Higher daily and monthly volume of purchases;
- Card PIN(s) and Calling Instructions instantly on the screen, upon completing transaction;
- Access to Purchase Report including PIN(s) and other special reports and features on the site.
- Additional savings for all purchases that exceed $15.

• I am a Verified Customer, but received a letter from You regarding verification?

- If You registered more than one account (email) on our website, each opened account will be considered as a new customer, and You may receive a verification letter.
- In very rare cases, our system may fail to deliver the order. These difficulties are rectified with a possible delay, usually not longer that one day.


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