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Japan prepaid calling cards are cards you purchase for a set price to make cheap long distance phone calls to Japan. Cards are sold in set dollar amounts or with a set number of minutes pre-loaded. Many people use a prepaid cheap Japan calling card because of the card's convenience - it can be used anywhere and, since you pay in advance, there is no bill. Cheap Japan phone cards are popular among travelers, students, people who frequently call Japan, and those who haven't selected a long-distance service. provides low-rate online prepaid phone cards for budget international calls. Just choose the country that you wish to call, and get a selection of prepaid calling cards to choose from.

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How to make an international call with our prepaid calling card :

Dial:  Access number + PIN + 011 + Country code + City code + Local number you wish to call

Japan Calling Code: 81

City Calling Codes: Aichi 562 Akita 188 Amagasaki 6 Chiba 472 Chuoko 3 Fuchu 423 Fukuoka 92 Gifu 582 Hiroshima 82 Kagoshima 992 Kanagawa 44 Kawasaki 44 Kobe 78 Kochi 888 Kyoto 75 Mitatoku Tokyo 3 Miyazaki 985 Nagasaki 958 Nagoya 52 Naha (Okinawa) 988 Niigata 25 Nishinomiya 798 Okayama 862 Osaka 6 Saitamatan 48 Sapporo 11 Sasebo 956 Sendai 22 Tachikawa 425 Takamatsu 878 Tokyo 3 Toyama 764 Toyota 565 Yokohama 45 Yokosuka 468

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