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Call to Russia from US with Jupiter phone card

for as low as only 2.30 ¢ per minute

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Russia prepaid phone cards have certain advantages that make them popular. Russia calling cards usually come in denominations of $10, $20, or even a $50 dollar and you use them for long distance calls until the card is used up. The advantage to this type of card is that it its normally significantly cheaper than the long distance rates you can get at a payphone, or even your home phone. So long as you use your Russia phone card quickly, it can be an excellent value. provides low-rate online prepaid phone cards for budget international calls. Just choose the country that you wish to call, and get a selection of prepaid calling cards to choose from.

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How to make an international call with our prepaid calling card :

Dial:  Access number + PIN + 011 + Country code + City code + Local number you wish to call

Russia Calling Code: 7
City Calling Codes:
Arkhangelsk 818 Astrahan 8512 Barnaul 3852 Bryansk 0832 Irkutsk 3952 Kaliningrad 0112 Kazan 8432 Kemerovo 384 Kirov 833 Krasnodar 8612 Krasnoyarsk 3912 Moscow 095 Murmansk 815 Nizhny Novgorod 8312 Novosibirsk 383 Omsk 381 Samara 846 Saratov 845 St. Petersburg 812 Tomsk 3822 Ufa 3472 Vladivostok 4232 Volgograd 8442 Voronezh 0732 Yakutsk 411 Yaroslavl 0852 Yekaterinburg 3432

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