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What some people have known for several years is how to utilize the Internet in order to find the best deals on just about anything. The same principle goes for purchasing cheap long distance phone calling cards. Did you know that you can find incredibly affordable Thailand prepaid calling cards that will allow you to pay only a fraction of the per-minute costs that you're used to? How do these Thailand phone cards work? Some people still think that making calls using international prepaid calling cards means slipping a plastic card into a slot in a payphone. Forget about that! All that you really need to reap these savings is the pin number to a good, low-cost card, which you then enter into your home phone or any telephone you want to use. provides low-rate online prepaid phone cards for budget international calls. Just choose the country that you wish to call, and get a selection of prepaid calling cards to choose from.

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How to make an international call with our prepaid calling card :

Dial:  Access number + PIN + 011 + Country code + City code + Local number you wish to call

Thailand Calling Code: 66

City Calling Codes: Bangkok 2 Buriram 44 Chiang Mai 53 Chaing Rai 54 Chon Buri 38 Chanthaburi 39 Hatyai 74 Lampang 54 Nakhon Sawan 56 Nong Khai 42 Pathumthani 2 Pattaya Beach38 Phetchaburi 32 Phitsanulok 55 Ratchaburi 32 Sara Buri 36 Phuket 76 Songkhia 74 Tak 55 Trang 75 Ubon Ratchathani 45 Udon Thani 42

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