Phone Cards

STI Prepaid Cellphone Refill Card

Terms and Conditions
  • You must maintain a positive balance in your prepaid account to make or receive calls. If you do not maintain a positive balance for 14 consecutive days, or if you do not use your phone for 60 consecutive days, your account will be deactivated and your phone number and voicemail account will be lost.
  • FREE Caller ID, FREE Call Waiting. Voicemail, Nationwide Coverage, Great Nationwide & International Rates, 911 Services.
  • See for the current international rates.

  • By using service you agree to be bound by STI Mobile terms/conditions.
Customer Service
STI: 1-866-444-9936

Payment questions only:
Activation Instructions
  • Dial *211 from your wireless phone.

  • Follow the voice prompts.
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