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Sprint virtual prepaid phone card, best for long distance calls worldwide Sprint phone card is an international prepaid phone card with Refill feature. The recharge rates will equal the rates of the prepaid card at the time of purchase. The card provides low international calling rates from USA, Canada.
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  • Connection Fee - No
  • A $1.25 surcharge will apply to all calls originating from payphones.
  • All usage is deducted in whole minute increments. Partial minutes are rounded up to the next whole minute. The per-minute cost of a call will be deducted on a real-time basis as the card is used until the full amount of the card is exhausted. The customer will be notified in advance of the exhaustion of the card.
  • The following types of calls may not be completed with this card: calls to 700, 900 and toll free numbers; calls to Directory Assistance; operator assistance calls and calls requiring time and/or charges.
  • Calls placed from a rotary phone will default to a Sprint operator for call dialing only.
  • Denomination - $5, $10, $20
  • Refillable card - Yes


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